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I'm Monalisha Mohanty, founder of 'MonalishaSmile' and it was a privilege and a pleasure to join Sonitha's YouTube Roadmap Academy. I have been wanting to start my YouTube channel for a long time but I was only able to take the action after Sonitha's YRA.

It's been 4 months since I have launched my channel and now I have 380+ subscribers with 8.1K+ views. I was never ready to put out my first video but it was Sonitha's inspiration, push, and motivation that made me do this.

Knowing her in person, she is an amazing human being and always ready to help with anything we need. At the end of each session, she planned assignments for us which actually helped me to prepare my channel from day 1. She answers all queries very patiently. At the end of the course, she reviewed our channel personally and her valuable input has helped me to create my channel in a better way. Even after the mentorship, she takes frequent updates on the channel. She has given a great and helpful community with a bunch of amazing people who are ready to help each other. I am very glad to be part of this course.

So if you are looking forward to being an aspiring YouTuber but not sure where to start or how to proceed further, then this course is for you. I can vow you that this course is worth each penny you invest in and at the end of this, you will be able to start your youtube channel from scratch and grow it successfully!

Monalisha Mohanty,

Founder, MonalishaSmile

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It was a blessing for me to come across Sonitha's YouTube mentorship program within one month of starting my channel. I wouldn't have imagined there are so many little details that contribute to growing a channel. I have crossed 700 subscribers and 25K+ in just 6 months after starting my channel. It wouldn't have been possible without Sonitha's guidance. She taught us every single detail precisely and even today she helps us clearing our doubts. YRA is a must for anyone and everyone who is starting their youtube journey.

Pratyasha Roy

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With all that is happening around us, it is very difficult to stay active and work towards your goal. But I managed to do that and I am getting better with each passing day.

I could do that because of Sonitha. She was kind enough to launch a mentorship program and I can't tell you in words what it did to me. It gave me a whole new perspective on YouTube and Social media in general. I am now well aware of other segments that I can explore related to the content world.

I come from a medical background and was not very good with techie stuff but she took care of that in every possible way. She becomes a mentor, friend, and sibling who will not leave your hand until you know how to walk freely.

I now have a YouTube channel by the name Dr.Neelima Joshi with 330 subscribers. I was stuck at 230. But after the mentorship program, two of my videos did so well that I could not believe that.

I had more than 500 views on my last few videos.

Analytics is something that is very important and is to be monitored regularly when it comes to growing on YouTube. I learned the entire analytical structure of Youtube. So to sum it all up if you are even 1% sure of getting into the YouTube world then just go for this program. Trust me you will be in safe hands.


Neelima Joshi


Signing up for Sonitha's YouTube Mentorship was one of the best decisions I have ever taken. Not only did it make my long time dream of starting my own channel a reality, but it also helped me to understand the nitty-gritty of YouTube. I have just started my channel and with 4 videos I have got 92 subscribers and 750 views. She has literally researched everything before presenting it in the course and her valuable insights are something one cannot learn elsewhere.

But the best part about the workshop was getting to know her personally. And what an incredible human she is! She radiates this positive energy that can inspire anyone. She literally puts her heart and soul into every single thing that she does. Even today when I go to her for advice she is always willing to help me out. I am really glad that I got such an amazing mentor in her and also got to be a part of the wonderful community that she has created.

So, if you are looking forward to making it big on YouTube then this is the right course for you. I promise you that as you complete this course you will have a much clear idea of how YouTube works and what you want for your channel.

Suranjana Ghosh


The sign of a good teacher is when her students do better than her.


Hi, I'm Krupa. I first came across Nitha's profile when it was a studygram.

Since then I've seen this young lady grow in leaps and bounds. The way her YouTube has been shaped into something more meaningful and motivational is just a glimpse into the mature insights that she has.


It was a joy to be a part of her first-ever YRA batch. I could not apply any of her lessons because shooting with my newborn was difficult, but it was amazing to just learn SO much!


She shared all of her trade secrets with her students and never hid the fact that she was still learning herself. Her approach was more of building a community and not just creating content to teach.


All I want to say is that Nitha is way ahead of her peers on the YouTube platform in terms of a long term vision. So you can be sure that one day the world will be talking about her.


Founder, Ishtyleawhile


If I have to say the best thing that happened to me during lockdown, then it has to be signing up for the Youtube Mentorship by a very knowledgeable mentor Sonitha.

It was hardly 20 days after opening a Youtube Channel that I came across this amazing program from her. Trust me, my views on videos have changed to 10 views per video to 300+ views.

And if you're reading my feedback I would highly suggest you opt for her course it's worth the effort she makes to give to her work. Apart from the course, I say she is the kindest person I have met in 2020. 


Her patience with our stupid questions is amazing! Hats Off.

Anamika Shandil

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My channel was totally messed up when I signed sorting it to a niche and how to manage was the first step towards success. Being a working person there was so little time to plan out content at my best and deliver to the audience, YRA totally made this possible for me.

I was so confused with my niche and also though I wanted to make videos on youtube for long but consistent in terms of content and strategies I learned in the course. If you want to take your channel to a different height this course is definitely for you.


A one-stop solution for all the correct and measured information. A lot of guidance as well with an accountable community who motivates you every day to perform your best 😊😊😘❤️ so proud to be part of YRA. My journey would have been stagnant otherwise.

I know everyone's journey is slow and I will grow by implementing the taught strategies.

Priyanka Singh

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When I heard and read about Sonitha's YouTube mentorship program I was wondering how a girl of that age has got such a bundle of joy and experience in this field. I watched all her videos on YouTube and after the one on one call, I immediately knew that I was on the right track. 


Due to many reasons, I missed a couple of classes but she has lots of patience and a keen eye on the issues I was trying to explain. She calmed me down and made sure that I was doing fine and gave a lot of support. She shared every detail that she learned over the years in a simplified form and it will change your life a lot.


Those techniques she shared will not be shown anywhere online but they are just out of her practice. She was always available over text messages anytime and that helped me a lot. She could answer any questions to everyone who asked and she used to research and let us know everything again in the next class. She had an amazing way of dealing with everyone. 


Thankyou Sonitha for the extreme support and mentorship and sharing a wide knowledge on each and every detail. 

Swarna Janaki

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Signing up for Sonitha's Youtube Roadmap Academy was a well-thought decision.

From finding my niche to designing the channel page. From the scripting process to Editing. From looking for the right titles to consistent upload schedules, this program helped me with it all.


Sonitha provides practical guidance that helped me with content ideation, thumbnails, SEO, and tags. I learned how to consume analytics to understand what my audience wants from me and what I need to deliver on.

My 1st video went on to have over 140 views and I have just begun. She inspires you to take action.

You'd walk away with motivation to get going and tips on growing your channel that she learned from her experience. She also reviews and shares detailed feedback on how you could improve - Be it channel art, videos, or content ideas. 

If you are someone who is on the verge of beginning a youtube channel but haven't been able to, look no further! I am sure you'd walk away with a positive impact on your channel.

Preity Chinda

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I am glad that I signed up for Sonitha's Youtube Mentorship and I am really grateful that I got this opportunity. I couldn't have got any better mentor than her. She really puts her heart and soul into every module that she creates.


The fact that she uses a lot of examples to explain everything makes learning tech stuff so fun and easier. The way she was really patient and friendly while teaching made us all feel at ease and we could ask questions without hesitation. She inspires me a lot as a content creator and also as a person.


A genuinely nice person who loves to see other succeeding and really helps them. She encouraged all of us to take the first step and shared her experiences from which we learned a lot.


I highly recommend everyone to grab this amazing opportunity if they really wanna achieve great milestones in the YouTube world.

Nandita Naagar

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I started my youtube channel a year ago. I still remember those days when I uploaded my first ever video on my channel without even knowing a single thing about youtube. After a few days, I just felt why my channel got stuck and wasn't growing much. Then I searched on Google and youtube platforms that how to grow on the youtube platform and are there any strategies to grow but somehow I improved but not fruitfully.


One day I came across Sonitha's youtube channel, I had gone through it and found it very inspiring. So I started following her youtube channel which had given me many creative thoughts. Then the day came and by God's grace, I found a post on Instagram about her Youtube Mentorship Program. 


This workshop helped me to learn lots of things and to correct my mistakes which stopped my channel growth. Even Sonitha helped me a lot and explained every point keenly without any hesitation. She is the best mentor ever. I feel I'm literally blessed to have a mentor like her.


Thank you so much Sonitha for making this happen and these words aren't enough to describe her. Lots of love from Srujitha Reniguntla.

Srujitha Reniguntla

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Hey there! My name is Prathiba Leo and I am the founder of Millennial Being. I must say that being a subscriber of Sonitha's YT channel for over a year, I knew and trusted what she was to offer. And this lockdown proved to be one huge benefit wherein she launched her own course. I instantly signed up for it because I had an inkling that she would not put out something just for content and I knew that this was one hardworking person.


My whole intention of joining this course was to start my YT channel parallelly along with my blog but due to stringent work schedules, I wasn't able to shoot. Nonetheless, I was honestly blown away by her wit and resilience and I learned so much from her irrespective of her age.


The session was well planned and she was well-prepped as a mentor.

No matter the queries, she wouldn't shy away from answering them and that's one mentor you gotta trust.

So folks, if you're someone who has the vision to be a YouTuber, then she is your girl! I am sure the content that she has can transform your growth from 0 to 10 in a faster pace. So don't hesitate to sign up! Because this will be by far be the best investment that you could ever make :)

Prathiba Leo

Founder, Millennial Being

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I'm really glad about the moment I came across Sonitha's YouTube mentorship. She was such a sweetheart that she understood my enthusiasm for YouTube and took out time to help me out with the youtube basics.


The insights, the ideas, the knowledge, and the motivation which she has shared has helped me a lot in shaping my channel the way it is today. She is a calm, down to earth individual who is passionate about building a community where everyone can learn about YouTube.


She helps me out with my questions to date patiently with a pleasant smile on her face. 


If you are an aspiring Youtuber and want to start your youtube channel from scratch,  

I would highly recommend you to join this mentorship, I promise you will make it big for sure.

Tejaswini Rangu

Founder, Happy Toppings By Teju

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