002: Building an Online Freelance Business w/ Saheli

Have you always wanted to start a career in Freelancing, but you’re worried if that is the right choice for you and no one would be interested in the services you offer? Marketing Expert & YouTuber Saheli Chatterjee has a tough truth for you: You’re probably right. BUT she also has the tips & tricks for you to change that and helps you in making money as a Freelancer.

Saheli shares how to build your skills (even when you think you have zero skillset), how to get over the guilt of "not knowing skills", “not doing enough”, and how to get over the fear of not getting clients.

In this episode we explore:

  • [00:25] - Welcome Note

  • [01:20] - Welcoming Saheli Chatterjee

  • [02:45] - How Saheli got started with her career at the young age of 15?

  • [11:16] - Importance of diversifying income into multiple streams than just relying on one without affecting mental health.

  • [16:37] - How Saheli dealt with others judging on what she does in her career and toxic people?

  • [24:28] - Importance of having positive people around who can understand what you are doing?

  • [30:00] - How Saheli managed to work on multiple things while she's still going to college?

  • [35:40] - Importance of friends who propels you towards your goals

  • [38:38] - How important an online community played a role in Saheli's growth in her business?

  • [42:56] - Saheli's tips for the people who want to start their Freelancing business

  • [48:18] - Rapidfire with Saheli


Show Notes:


  • Your dreams are yours alone.

  • Work hard in silence let success make the noise.

  • Upskill yourself all the time.

  • Habits must be instilled from a young age.

  • Know your potential, don't stop yourself.

  • "Those who excel in what they do always doubt themselves. That's how they prevent mistakes." – Doctors, KDrama, S01E07

  • Things That Happened To You In Childhood Shape You As An Adult.

  • It is ok to people judge you, but don't let judgment to stop you.

  • Be your own boss.

  • Be patient. It is okay to not meet deadlines sometimes.

Key Take-aways:

  • If you want to become/grow as a Freelancer, it is essential to put yourself out there in the world. Unless the world knows you, opportunities are not going to come to you.

  • Upskill yourself all the time if you don't want to be stuck and replaceable.

  • Chase your dreams and never let anyone come in between you and your dreams.

  • Diversifying your income as early as possible helps you sustain yourself and gives you financial independence.

  • Always make your to-do list in the night for the next day to manage your time better.

  • You will get stronger with each experience whether good or bad even you feel weak at that moment.

  • Collaboration over Competition - build an online community where you can push each other to get to your goals.

  • Productivity apps like Trello help you a lot better manage your tasks. Start using them.

  • If you're ever in a relationship, make sure your relationship propels you towards your goal.

  • Being patient and building some skillsets not only professional skills you need to know how to manage sales, how to communicate with clients, and also most importantly not letting negative experiences get to you are the primary tips that Saheli suggests to people who want to start with Freelancing business.

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