007: How to do a Life Audit to Achieve Goals

In the latest episode of The Astridelle Podcast, I talk about Life Audit, why is it important, and how to do it to achieve your goals.

Every day, we stop and ask our friends or family, “how are you?” But when was the last time you asked yourself how you were doing? When we ask a friend how they are doing, the purpose is usually to catch up, strengthen or relationship, get to know the person better, and sometimes see if there is anything we can do to make that person’s life better if they aren’t doing well.

We have no problem asking other people how they are doing, but why don’t we take the time to do so with ourselves? My guess is that we never learned to prioritize it. Instead, we plow through our to-do list, take care of everyone else, or completely avoid checking in with ourselves because we’re too tired by the end of the day. We just keep moving from one thing to the next, hoping it will take us in the right direction.

The problem is that you can’t possibly know what you need if you don’t fully understand your situation.

Audits are standard in both personal and business finance, but in many ways, life audits are much more crucial. That's because life audits evaluate well-being not just in one area but in basically everything. They can mean massive changes to relationships, work, activities, and even what you put on your plate. If you haven't conducted your own life audit, listen to the episode to know how you can do it.

In this episode we explore:


  • [00:15] - Welcome Note

  • [01:03] - What is Life Audit?

  • [01:39] - Step 1

  • [02:22] - Step 2

  • [02:58] - Step 3

  • [03:51] - Step 4

  • [04:59] - Step 5

  • [05:44] - Step 6

  • [06:27] - Step 7

  • [07:19] - Step 8

  • [08:38] - Step 9

  • [09:36] - Step 10

  • [11:00] - Importance of the life audit exercise


  • Think smart not hard​​

  • Prioritize your goals

  • Start working towards your dream life

Key Take-aways:

  • Appreciate your wins even it is small

  • Visualizing your dream life is very important

  • Always timeframe your goals.

  • Keep challenging yourself.

  • Take charge of your life.

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