hear it from my students


Sonitha is such an amazing person who exactly knows what to bring on the table when it comes to Instagram. I was even unsure about what to post on Instagram but her constant push and content strategies do a remarkable job. I get to reach the target audience and have organic growth on my IG account. I would highly recommend you to join the course for STRONG SOCIAL PROOF. I am sure this is gonna be your BEST INVESTMENT. Thank you so much. I am immensely grateful to you.  


- Ruchita 


If you are struggling with finding your style, being disciplined and attracting customers when it comes to content creation, then MCA is your solution. Sonitha will teach her strategies that you can use with your own style of content and get the most out of it. She will teach you to work hard and smart. It is an amazing opportunity and grab it as soon as you can.

- Esha 


Social Media is vast. Showing up all platforms is an absolute necessity and with that said if not for creating a brand for yourself, how would one recognize me or even trust me Right? Branding is the need of the hour and THANKS to Sonitha for introducing the same to me. With one idea we could create content on 5-6 platforms. Isn't it amazing?


One of the best things in her program is strategies (Content Categories, Content Pillars & Content Repurposing) this helped me write long captions, which in turn helped me connect to my audience. All thanks to Sonitha. Without your help, I wouldn't have known about these. You never fail to inspire me️

- Sowmya Mahadeek


When I started my Instagram page, I was highly motivated and pushed out content every single day but with time content creation started feeling like a task and I was out of content ideas most of the time and even if I had ideas, the process of content creation didn't seem as much fun as it used to be when I had started.

That's when I came across Sonitha and her strategies worked like magic. She provides some really amazing and doable tips that anyone can implement and content creation becomes so easy. I would highly recommend her course to you if you are someone who feels overwhelmed by the process of content creation.  


- Chitrika


Sonitha has not only motivated me to start my side hustle but also helped me in breaking the complex stuff into simpler components and when it comes to content creation I feel she is a wizard in it. I am extremely grateful to have her as my mentor and looking forward to work and grow with her in future.

- Priyanka Leo


I have a youtube channel that is dedicated to a niche of Teachers. I used to struggle with the kind of content to make and to stay consistent. Also, a great Instagram profile used to be a far fetched dream for me. 

But all Thanks to Sonitha and her guidance, I am now able to manage both. She has a complete step-by-step guide which actually shows results when followed properly. The way she has broken down the whole process of content creation is damn systematic and has made things really easy for me...

- Kyati Raja


As a content creator I know social media plays an important role and no one can master it as it is evolving day by day and it's algorithm changing frequently but one thing remains constant is our target audience as per our business. My amazing mentor, Sonitha, who exactly teaches how to brand yourself and how to plan & implement your ideas for your target audience through Instagram.


I never knew about brand colour/fonts and alot of other stuff till I got to know from her visual branding techniques. I have been implementing so many things which I have learnt from her classes. Her course materials are always filled with information beyond my expectation. Thank you for making this awesome course launches, Sonitha. 

- Kowsalya

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Being a content creator along with a job is so tough, every time experimenting, creating new content purely is very exhausting for me. But the strategies Sonitha provided actually helped me form ideas, content for my audience very easily. These pointers are of great help while creating any post, videos, scripts. Now content creation is totally simplified for me thanks to Sonitha for this.

I highly recommend to anyone who doesn't have enough time to figure out stuff what to write in their content or if someone wants their content creation to be simplified to the next level.

- Priyanka Singh


When it came to my IG account, I was extremely irregular with my content and honestly, there was next to no engagement on my account. All of that took a 180’ turn after following Sonitha’s content strategy, now not only pushing out content is easy but there is engagement too. I have been seeing organic growth. Plus content creation is no longer a task, I know what to create by following the strategies and also how to batch create the content. This has really made my work so much easier, I highly recommend MCA as it will really help you too. Join now!

- Shresta Dogra

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Not only does Sonitha know her stuff when it comes to content creation but we were blown away with the creative ingenuity she brought to the table whenever we feel stuck with our own ideas.  We’re obsessed with her way of making things simpler when it comes to content generation and segregating the huge tasks into small doable steps and I look forward to be associated with her in the future.

- Meenu