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Good things take time” and the story behind ‘Astridelle’ is no different. The journey started back in 2019 when I uploaded my first video on Youtube out of mere curiosity. It was just another thing my creative mind wanted to try and experiment with. Back then ‘Astridelle’ was ‘Study with Nitha’, where I shared videos on studies, productivity, and stationery.


A few months into this process of content creation, my creative mind realized that it had found its canvas. A canvas where it could portray its creativity and hone its skills. It didn’t take me long to realize that Youtube wasn’t just any random thing I wanted to try out, this was meant to be a long-term commitment. 


Although I started with videos related to studies, my passion lay in helping my community live an intentional life, a life that they crave and dream about. And this is how ‘Astridelle’ was born. Today, it’s a community of like-minded people, where we discuss personal growth, productivity, and lifestyle design.

While one might say that Youtube just sort of happened for me, ‘Astridelle’ didn’t!

I had such a tough time deciding on a name for my channel. It’s true that I knew right from the beginning what I envisioned my channel to be; but when it came to naming it, I had a really hard time. But there was one thing I was sure about, the name had to be unique, it had to be special. The name should reflect my channel’s purpose and act as a reminder for the kind of person I wanted to be.


And thus, I came up with the name ‘Astridelle’, the word ‘Astrid’ meaning ‘strong and beautiful’, the two qualities I strongly resonate with; and ‘Elle’ which translates to ‘she’. While there wasn’t much thought behind adding this suffix, other than it summing up into a beautiful name, in a way it was a reminder of the person I am and I always want to be.


I realized that as individuals, we get so busy in this mundane life that we kind of lose track of what we actually wanted from life in the first place. Rather than celebrating our small wins, expressing gratitude, focusing on personal growth; we get caught up in a rat race and focus on achieving certain benchmarks set by society.


Of course, I grew over these years, maybe I slowly transformed into a different person but was this change intentional? Sadly no, all these changes though good were just a part of growing up! This is when a thought crossed my mind if in all these years I changed for the better even without making any efforts then imagine how much more I could have achieved if this growth was intentional. And this very thought became the purpose of my channel, Astridelle.


Today, the Astridelle community is a continuously growing space, where we together as a community strive to become our best version and lead a life we are proud of. We all have a dream life that we crave, but in order to make that dream a reality, we need to make conscious changes. Changes that would take us a step closer to making this dream come true. In order to become the best version of ourselves we have to lead an intentional life where we work on ourselves for a better tomorrow! And this is where Astridelle comes to your rescue, so together let’s make these changes happen.

about me

Oh hey there! Have me met yet? If we haven't, hello! I'm Sonitha.

I am a computer science engineering student (like most indian kids are) and I'm also a YouTuber, YouTube Mentor, Content Creator, Podcaster and an entrepreneur. Yeah, I know I do quite a lot for an 18-year-old.

But hey! I'm chasing my dreams and living my best life and how did that happen? Just by TAKING ACTION. I am doing what makes me happy - running a business and inspiring people but I wouldn't have been doing this if I didn't take actions.

So, if you want to live a life of your dreams, you can start by TAKING ACTION.

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